Equine Leadership 15

3 credit course; $435 AB student 2019/2020

Join us in this exciting course which combines horsemanship and leadership! This experiential education opportunity explores the connections horses have with history, tourism and ecology through horsemanship and leadership skill development.


Humans have a unique, ancient, and transformative relationships with horses. That relationship and the requisite skill set to safely engage with such a large animal offers a powerful learning tool that students will explore. This course will provide an engaging and dynamic opportunity for students to learn more about themselves, our western landscape, and shared history through horsemanship skills.



Pre-immersion sessions delivered using an online course management system are completed before the course by the student. Immersion in this 4-day residential program hosted at YMCA Camp Chief Hector offered through Canadian Rockies Outdoor Learning Centre. YMCA Camp Chief Hector operates under a comprehensive public safety system ensuring the highest standards of due diligence and care.



This 3-credit course provides hands-on learning opportunities in horsemanship, skills, herb dynamics and management, horse care, trail riding skills, ethics of Leave No Trace, hazards awareness and mitigation, leadership skills and team building.