Equine Leadership 15

3 credit course

Join us in this exciting course which combines horsemanship and leadership! This experiential education opportunity explores the connections horses have with history, tourism and ecology through horsemanship and leadership skill development.


General Equine Leadership 15 Course Information

  • Equine Leadership 15 is a locally developed course offered by the Canadian Rockies Public Schools
  • This course takes place on location at YMCA Camp Chief Hector
  • Equine Leadership 15 is open to students in Grade 10-12.
  • This is a 3-credit course with approximately 75 hours of instruction.
  • Equine Leadership 15 can accommodate up to 8 students.
  • No prerequisite courses are necessary, however, this course involves full days of activity in an outdoor environment so a basic level of physical fitness is recommended.
  • Students are expected to provide their own outdoor clothing and footwear suitable for the activity.  A gear list will be provided.

General Equine Leadership 15 Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate understanding of potential hazards awareness and mitigation strategies for working with and around horses.
  2. Students will understand and demonstrate basic horsemanship skills as outlined in level one trail riding curriculum with the Certified Horsemanship Association.
  3. Students will understand and communicate the impact and mitigation strategies of horseback riding and ecological integrity of protected lands as outlined in Leave No Trace.
  4. Students will recognize the historical importance of the horse in Stoney culture, Rockies tourism, and western exploration/expansion.
  5. Students will apply a variety of specialist technology and/or equipment to understand, collaborate, communicate, and increase skill development.
  6. Students will develop an understanding that demonstrates an appreciation and value for the mountain parks environment

Students will experience and develop horsemanship skills, herd dynamics knowledge, herd management skills, horse care, trail riding skills, and ethics of Leave No Trace. Through active participation and storytelling, students will consider local history, group management, outdoor travel and navigation, self-awareness, leadership, and character development.

Detailed Equine Leadership 15 Course Outline

*exact program activities, locations and timings of course elements to be determined

Equine Leadership 15 Assessment

Students will be given a variety of assignments throughout the Equine Leadership 15 course. Student work will be collected by the course administrator to be used to evaluate their learning. Some course work will be submitted using the Equine Leadership 15 Moodle online course management system, while other assignments (such as the Course Journal) will be completed on site. Online course assessments are valued at 40% of the final grade. Immersion participation, activities, and assignments are valued at 60% of the final grade.

Special resources, facilities or equipment necessary

Students will need access to a computer and the CRPS Google Classroom Course Management System in order to complete the online course work. All trip accommodation, food, resources, and equipment is provided by YMCA Camp Chief Hector.

Risk assessment and Safety

Please refer to the following risk information provided by YMCA Camp Chief Hector

Training and Certification

Equine Leadership 15 is facilitated by YMCA Camp Chief Hector staff who possess current industry standard training and certifications and experience working with groups in the outdoors and with horses.


Transportation to and from the course start and end locations are the responsibility of the visiting school or student unless arranged otherwise.