Inspiring Hearts and Minds


Grades Taught

Grades 9 to 12


The Canadian Rockies Outdoor Learning Centre is intended to be a landmark project envisioned to be a beacon of excellence in targeted engagement of youths and an exemplar of a mandate to “engage, educate, and train youth and/or adult leaders of environmental or transformational education, inclusion and outdoor recreation programs that meet the vision of Alberta Parks.” The Centre operates under a comprehensive public safety system ensuring the highest standards of due diligence and care.


Peter Prescesky (Coordinator)

Our Vision

"Canadian youth will share a passion and appreciation for Canada's National parks and national Historic Sites; through personal connection they will develop a sense of place and belonging. Youth will move beyond participation towards active ambassadorship."

Nestled within the pristine Bow Valley Provincial Park, our Centre will strive to lead the country in innovative, experiential education programs that empower youth through connection to their natural and cultural heritage. At our core is the goal to assist students to see the world around them with new eyes; to connect with nature and the cultural stories of place and to embrace the values of protected areas. As part of the curricula, students participate in mountain recreation, citizen science projects, and service learning.  A wide range of activities from canoeing to photography will introduce students to the mountain landscape. Students will discover how nature looks, feels and smells. They learn about the dangers inherent in wild places and the rewards of taking the time to truly connect. Through multi or single day immersion and programs they are challenged physically and mentally, and they experience the rewards of taking the time spent in such a special place.


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